Emotional Fitness

A journey of self-development guided by the vibrational essences of the Atlantic Forest

program content and all materials developed by Sandra Epstein

A healthy life requires the ability to respond to different external events, as well as to internal emotional flows, integrating and balancing the experiences on our three centers: the instinctive, the emotional and the mind. Flexibility and full presence are essential in order to attain this goal.

In a gym class, we make a series of exercises in order to work with all the muscle chains of our body. Emotional Fitness works in a similar way as does a gym class, but it is dedicated to the psychic – emotional body.

Based on the Ararêtama Mandala, the system consists of 31 essences, organized on eight levels that allow us to work on several aspects of the personality. The purpose of this Emotional Fitness program is to awaken areas that are in a dormant state, activating certain aspects, abilities and emotional talents.

With the Emotional Fitness program ‘toxic’ emotions are liberated, blockages fade and unnecessary behavior is transformed. Your real Self awakens, and what is in alignment with you and what you really can become is amplified.

The Ararêtama Mandala works on the plasticity of our brain through questions and exercises, and predominantly through the essences. Thus, our potential and perception of life can be activated beyond the impositions and programming to which we have been submitted. The neural brain plasticity, a recent discovery of science, consists in the ability of the human brain to be ‘plastic’ and ‘malleable’, able to reactivate or produce new neurons and synapses (connections between neurons), even through adult age. We can expand our abilities, perception and, most importantly, our flexibility, as we deal with situations at any stage of our lives.

How to use Emotional Fitness

Ararêtama delivers, free of charge, an additional text developed by Sandra Epstein, with information in digital form, offering the orientation needed for anyone to get started with the Emotional Fitness program. Click, download and print the Emotional Fitness Program PDF.

The Emotional Fitness Movement Meditation Practice

Each plant researched by the Araretama System teaches us to open ourselves to manifest inner qualities. They also they offer messages, affirmations and deep archetypal qualities that we can express through our bodies.

This is Emotional Fitness Movement Meditation: when we express ourselves empathically, by feeling each plant and their message, we teach ourselves to become this message, and manifest these beautiful qualities.
The Emotional Fitness practice is wonderful when done every day, if possible. By doing the whole sequence one time, you already feel completly centered, calm, in a state of open clarity.
You can repeat the whole sequence one, two, three, or four times as a body-mantra, a sequence of movements that will incrementally help you develop flexibility in your behavior, for a fully flowing and centered life.

We can develop an Emotional Fitness Program tailored for your public

We develop Emotional Fitness Programs responding to your requests and specific needs. As an example, you can follow this link and see how we have created a special Emotional Fitness Program that is part of Bea Benkova’s Extraordinary Line.

Contact us for special Program requests

“Araretama, developed by Sandra Epstein, came into my life in 2005 and completely changed my life. The Araretama Mandala gave me possibility to see my real talent and ability to work with people. The essence Suri helped me to finally decide to leave my old job, get rid of the fear and in 2006 I came out with the idea of opening a health center. My hobby became my work, and I Love it !

Araretama, with the power of Brazilian Rainforest, is for me the fastest way to release everything what is stopping us from being happy and free …

All essences were, and still are, my teachers: they all are my favorite and always truthfull friends. I Love to help people to see their true face, to see the hidden treasures inside their soul, and the gift here is having the essences to do just that. We can’t afford to waste time!

Sandra Epstein is for me the example of a real woman of power … she taught me, as well as hundreds of women, how to use our creative energy, how to strenghten our pesonality, how to find balance in our relationships. Her workshops are very strong, full of dancing, movement, joy – absolutely extraordinary for our 21st century.

She is always many years ahead of everybody in her healing techniques, always sharing new ideas, information, new essences. She inspired me to spread the message of the rainforest amongst people through workshops, mandala groups, etc. Araretama is giving us unending possibilities to improve our lifes … Sandra, Thank You for ARARETAMA!”

Svetlana Sopkova Slovakia
Self development and healthy lifestyle consultant
One of the creators and owner of the Araretama Health Center in Bratislava, Slovakia