Araretama Essences from the Heart of the Atlantic Rainforest

Araretama essences are natural infusions made from flowers and plants of the Atlantic Rainforest. Their preparation is done right where these plants and flowers grow and thrive, in ways that allow them to remain in full interconnection with the earth and / or the surrounding life.

These essences have been developed and are the result of original research by Sandra Epstein.

Essences carry healing information from a powerful and clean environment

For Sandra Epstein making essences involves capturing the information / life force / healing gifts of the plants into a liquid carrier, without cutting or damaging the plants or the environment.

Once prepared in their natural habitat, brandy or another natural alcohol is added to the infusion to preserve the solution, and these become the heart of Araretama’s bottled products that are distributed throughout the world.

Araretama essences are ingested in the form of drops, or applied directly to the body. These are mild preparations, containing no toxic substance. They can be used by people of all ages, as well as animals and plants.

There are no contraindications or warnings for the use of vibrational essences: they are safe, effective and can be used on a regular basis.

Araretama Essences, developed by Sandra Epstein, are at the core of the Araretama System. They are offered as stock essences, and also are an essential part of Araretama’s line of Live Cosmetics. And they are at the heart of Sandra Epstein’s Emotional Fitness Program.

You can gain deeper insight on these special Atlantic Rainforest Vibrational Essences and experience deep inner healing and transformation by participating in Sandra Epstein’s Workshops.

I started using Araretama essences with myself, without classes or special instructions.
I just plunged into it, trusting the experience I was having, and trusting Sandra Epstein.

In a short time I perceived the transformation. I went back to my origins, remade my connection with my inner self, got rid of what was binding me and keeping me locked into limiting patterns, and I began breathing, living and loving myself a lot more! …

As a consequence I began using the products with my clients and this is when the biggest feast began: Results, results, results!!! This is the keyword for the Araretama Project and all its Products developed by Sandra Epstein”

Doris Barg
Psycotherapist, Flower Essence Practitioner, Numerologist
Tel Aviv, Israel