Social Projects

Araretama Essences offering healing support for disadvantaged children

The Social Program Gotas de Flor com Amor helps 300 disadvantaged children and teenagers from ages 6 to 17, living at the Favela (shanty town) Água Espraiada and nearby shanty town streets in the city district of Brooklin, in the southern zone of the city of São Paulo.

Children at Gotas de Flor

Children who are part of the program Gotas de Flor com Amor where they are given Araretama essences

Many of these children come from “broken homes” having almost no contact with a father, and carry a history of violence and exposure to drug abuse (more details about the Program in this PDF).

This Social Program has the purpose of not only taking these children from the streets for part of the day, but also of giving them basic concepts of citizenship, preparing them for a better future.

The distinctive feature of this Social Program named Gotas de Flor com Amor is the fact that it offers flower essences for the kids, their families, as well as for teachers and staff, and this is what gives it its unusual name that means Flower Drops with Love.

“I have been volunteering at the institution Gotas de Flor com Amor since 2009. My responsibility is the selection and preparation of vibrational essences that are taken internally, sprayed in the environment and added to the food during the preparation of their fresh meals. The kids we help come from a context of social and family violence, with significant emotional needs and limited nutrition.

The results of the use of the essences are striking in both their studies in class as well as in their emotional state that clearly changes from anguish to relief.

Young children adapt and integrate easily and soon get to show more interest in learning. They become more attentive and focused, and this improves their school efficiency. Furthermore, the sense of being part of a group becomes evident when they are involved in their collective tasks, where students increasingly work helping one another. This is also noted when they receive visitors from other schools, some of them being upper middle class individuals who visit the Social Program.

We feel gratitude for the Atlantic Forest, the Ararêtama System and Sandra Epstein – who donates the flower essences for Gotas de Flor – for all the good they are doing to us. To see the beneficial results that the floral essences of the Ararêtama System bring to the people is such a good sensation of well-being that it overflows the heart. Atlantic Forest, thank you for all you have given to me and to the Gotas de Flor com Amor!”

Silvia Maria Ribeiro
Geographer, PHD in Human Resources
Flower Essence Practitioner and Volunteer at Gotas De Flor com Amor

Through its producer Sandra Epstein, the Ararêtama System is an active part in this Social Program since 1998. This participation began with visits and the donation of the first flower essence kit. Sandra has offered her volunteer work as a Flower Essence Practitioner in 1999. From this period onwards, essences that are part of the System have been offered to the students, contributing to their emotional, physical, mental and spiritual integration.

Araretama essences most frequently used for these programs:

FOCO [Focus combination] – For centering, mental and emotional clarity, learning.
SEIVA [Sap] – For healing sadness, transforming it into “humus” that will nurture creativity.

Marupiara Araretama Essence

Marupiara essence for joy and group harmony

MOARA – For developing the sense of group harmony, and learning how to work in a group.
MAMOÃ – For solace / tranquilizing, for feelings of deprivation.
TASSI – For bringing confidence and protection.
SOBERANIA – For enhancing the inherent qualities and further the self-worth.
ASSÁ – For minimizing the inner victim and strengthening self-esteem.
INDAIÁ – For healing pain brought by low self-esteem.
MARUPIARA – For bringing joy and for group activities.
RENASCER [Rebirth] – For initiating new cycles.

A program that shows visible Results!

This is a part time program: all kids must also study at conventional schools during part of the day. For this program they are divided by age group, with activities offered according to their age.

The results are visible, and are also noticed in the context of the conventional schools these kids frequent during the other part of their day, where teachers and headmasters have remarked on how the students assisted by the Program present and behave differently from the other students.

Children at Gotas de Flor com Amor

The Program Gotas de Flor com Amor takes children off the streets offering them an educational and healing opportunity

Aggressive behavior, that is very common in many of their homes, and initially appears as a strong trait in some of the students has been noticeably reduced, and this can be seen through their gestures, words and even in their behavior during meals (the Program offers lunch).

Many mothers who also notice the effects of flower essences in their children have decided to take essences themselves and report how much this has helped them in their lives.

Children at Gotas de Flor com Amor

At Gotas de Flor com Amor kids participate in creative activities and are helped with flower essences

The increased sense of self worth is visible in the the way these kids stand with pride when presenting their singing, dancing or interpreting activities for visitors of the Program, or in the weekly presentations elsewhere, where they perform for other students at their private schools.

The school and classrooms and other areas are sprayed daily with the essences. The essences are also being added to the food.

The challenge for these kids is to avoid them being taken on the path of drugs, easy money and the underworld.

We all have needs and we all have gifts, and it is great when everything can emerge and be acknowledged. With the help of a practitioner, this process can unfold with clarification and support.

It is wonderful to watch the mental, emotional as well as the spiritual growth of these kids, as they gradually learn to face their daily problems using their inner resources, their very own gifts and strength. They are anonymous heroes, that struggle for survival with the force of a lion and an impressive serenity.