“As an artist, I perceive life in layers of light and color, trees, rivers and waterfalls being the main subjects of my work: life observed in a watercolor choreographic perspective.”

All Artwork and notes by Sandra Epstein

Watercolor by Sandra Epstein

As I deepened my sense of gratitude and awe, feeling at one with Nature, levels of perception have opened that allowed me to communicate with the forest´s consciousness. This connection has become the basis for my research of vibrational essences prepared from flowers, roots, bromelias, trees, mushrooms and lichen for in-depth therapy of soul and spirit.

Forest depicted in watercolor artwork by Sandra Epstein

“Through all my work, in both art and science, the message is the awakening of community consciousness. This embraces our connection with all living beings and things as well as the supra human world.”

Watercolor by Sandra Epstein