Programs for Entrepreneurs, Leaders & Corporations

Focus: Grounding your advanced Vision of a XXIst Century Enterprise

Our programs awaken the awareness that all individuals are responsible for creating the right atmosphere in the company.
Our approach enables in each individual the ability to know how they can influence, and positively contribute, to the overall health of the environment.

At the core: the Three Levels Integration, based on Rainforest Wisdom

The following core levels are based on the principles of the biological behavior of the Atlantic Rainforest, our living example and wise teacher of successful cooperation through diversity!

These are the three Ecology Levels:


  • achieving inner balance
  • creating inner ecology


  • improving communication, sharing, empathy
  • upgrading and improving relationships: respecting and learning from our differences


  • serving with excellence
  • making this a better planet
  • serving our community with ethical integrity, respect, togetherness

How we begin

An interview with the directors geared towards integrating their vision with the spirit of the company is how we begin. From there, we will build programs that will include Rainforest essences and other practices, a procedure called – the Weekly Pillars.

How we advance: learn more about our Programs

More: about Sandra Epstein and our Programs for Companies, Leaders and Entrepreneurs.


“I am very privileged to have known and collaborated with Sandra Epstein over many years. She is one of the most amazing people I know. We met by what seemed an unlikely co-incidence and it turned out to be the synchronistic event that changed our futures forever.

Sandra is a visionary woman with many extraordinary gifts. She can tune into people with remarkable empathy and insight. For me she truly connects the wisdom of the Atlantic rainforest with sound expertise and a deep caring for people.

She is very special and her holistic research and teaching expresses her creative mind, warm heart and feminine strength to encourage and support profound personal transformation and collaboration on the planet.”

Bea Benkova
Ambassador and Coach of Extraordinary Women
Founder of the Global Institute for Extraordinary Women

Sandra Epstein is a beautiful person and a remarkably innovative educator. She can connect to people on so many levels always being a shining sun of love, wisdom and transformation.

I appreciate that Sandra can be both visionary and grounded, playful and practical. Under her gentle guidance I have seen people transform their whole view of life in one conversation.

I know that with Sandra around problems turn into opportunities and struggle into meaningful growth. Sandra’s presence has been one of my live’s greatest gifts.”

Jan Polak
Practical idealist, Global citizen
Professional with Heart – awakening and transforming the spirit and flow of enterprise