One to One Coaching Sessions

Transformational Processes
to Vitalize and Redesign your Life

  • Convenience: sessions using Skype – 60 minutes
  • Comfortable rhythm: series of pre-booked sessions
  • Extra Bonus: personalized selection of Araretama essences pairing each step of the process
  • Results: process known to effectively improve individual’s lives personally and professionally

Consulting for Organizations

Individual and Group Consulting
Building Creative Collaboration

  • Tailored approach: we see your company as unique
  • Detailed Interviews: through assessment
  • Individual Work: Coaching key individuals
  • Group work: embracing the biodiversity of each team
  • Healthy Productivity: following the integration of the three ecology levels (personal, collective and planetary)

Life Changing Workshops

Rainforest Wisdom based
Intensive Programs and Classes

  • Each Group is Unique: creative tailored approach
  • Intensive or Ongoing Programs: adaptable timing
  • Benefits: exercises and opens the field for integration of the 3 vital centers: emocional, instinctive and mental
  • Results: enhanced vitality; healthy response to life
  • Focus: body as interface for emotional integration

Forest Soul infused products

Life Force of the Rainforest
for Repatterning and Renewal