Sandra Epstein in Creative Collaboration – Rainforest Wisdom inspires creation of Partnerships of Success

Sandra Epstein's partners

“My association with Sandra Epstein is rich in shared history and creative collaboration. In our complementary work partnership of many years there is deep respect and understanding, powerful enough to often unite us in professional work of coaching, therapy, flower essences, astrology and enneagram, as well as in the talismans, an alchemy that Sandra has absorbed so very well.

I have known Sandra ever since we used to go to the same summer camp, and she wore braided hair and played the guittar. Our friendship, that began in the 60s (sic), lasts to this day, deep, profound and spiritualized, extending itself into years of work partnership and exchange. We are sisters in our thinking, different in form, but identical in the innermost content!

I believe that the success of our association resides in the fact that we do not relate through our egos, but from our souls, and this places us beyond competition, comparison and other tedious and fruitless practices.

In this way, as we work together we serve the same goal, that is to further the happiness and growth of the ones who seek self knowledge and support in mirrors that are honest and clear.”

Susana Maiani
Arquitect, Jewelry Designer
Astrologer, Eneagram Facilitator, Mentor

Our cooperation with Sandra Epstein is like the pure spirit of the Atlantic Rainforest – abundant in love, trust, friendship, support, creativity, courage, innovation, clarity, respect, action, nourishment.

It is simply FULL OF LIFE!

I feel deep gratefulness for meeting her and her essences, and for the living opportunity of weaving our life missions. Sandra is a creator of a unique therapeutic and educational system – Araretama Emotional Fitness – and I cooperate with her to develop it and share it with the world as a teacher, workshop organizer and distributor.

We spread seeds of Rainforest Wisdom, showing the world that IT IS possible to live life with happiness, healthily cooperating and supporting each other.”

Lenka Siwkova
Management and Strategy Specialist, Distributor of Araretama System in the Czech Republic
Family and Life Coach, Specialized in children development

I met Sandra Epstein in the period of time when my life was undergoing a serious and complex transformation. I had just been recovering from a severe illness, which left behind many side effects on my body and my life changed radically. Besides the devastated body, it was also my psyche that suffered dramatically, since the consequences of the illness brought along an absolute transformation of life priorities and values.

The years before my illness I was devoted to work with people and their physical bodies, and when all of a sudden I ended up in hospital, on the brink of life and death, I came to realize that to work with a physical body is often not enough, and that problems need to be solved on the level beyond what can be grasped with one’s hands.

In the search for help for myself, I came across various techniques and products, which I often used striving to find my lost zeal for life. I moved forward taking small steps, cutting down on medicines I was supposed to take in great quantity, and slowly but surely worked my way up to vibrational technologies, which worked much better for me than any chemical medicines. Since I truly believe that those who honestly search for help will eventually find it, this was exactly how it happened to me.

One day I came across a leaflet informing about a presentation by Sandra Epstein, a Brazilian healer. Not knowing anything about this person, I was led only by my intuition, that insisted on me going there. It turned out to be right. During the presentation I had an opportunity to meet a being with incredible charisma, looking significantly younger than her physical age. Moreover, I had a chance to touch her products, the Araretama essences, which had a much stronger effect on me than any other vibrational essences I had been familiar with. At this moment I knew that was it! After the presentation I approached Sandra and we agreed to keep in touch.

A bit further on, I attended her basic seminar on essences and our relationship deepened even more. We kept in touch via e-mails and at one point I offered to organize a seminar in Slovakia for her. It all happened in no time. It was October 2002 and I had already had a confirmed date for our seminar in Bratislava.

And so my cooperation with Sandra started. On an yearly basis we organized several seminars in my country, I started to apply Araretama essences on me as well as on my clients, and gradually got the picture of what these tiny and inconspicuous bottles were able to help accomplish.

The power of these essences was truly astounding. Their effect manifested in daily life and at a dizzying speed they brought all our distorted beliefs and behavioral patterns so deeply embedded in our subconscious to the surface.

Today, 10 years later, I have introduced the Araretama system to thousands of clients who made great progress in their search for themselves, and I am proud to call Sandra my friend. Despite being thousands of kilometers apart, our friendship remains sincere and profound.

Meeting Sandra and her work has brought peace and strong faith into my life, reminding me that life is an immense “challenge – opportunity” that one should not waste.

Veronika Šablová
Trader, Executive director of Evaglass
Physioterapist, Distributor of Araretama system in Slovakia

“Wise and visionary as she is, Sandra Epstein found and inspired me when I least expected it, and, as a result, for many years now we closely collaborate around the world, fulfilling our shared vision for transformation of humanity through the aligned power of extraordinary women.
Our fates have been interlinked ever since.

We have created a special line of vibrational essences for extraordinary women and we are in contact almost in daily.

I couldn’t ask for a more committed, loving, creative and genuinely beautiful partner than Sandra. It is an honour to consider her a close partner in business and even more so a member of my family.

Bea Benkova
Ambassador and Coach of Extraordinary Women
Founder of the Global Institute for Extraordinary Women

“The partnership with Sandra Epstein goes way beyond our creative collaboration, genuine trust and shared vision for the evolution of humanity.

It is about a profound connection and magical synergy of inspired and caring humans who belong to the same family and are part of the same flow of life.

And I am eternally grateful for that.”

Jan Polak
Practical idealist, Global citizen
Professional with Heart – awakening and transforming the spirit and flow of enterprise

“My partnership with Sandra Epstein was born out of our common belief that education should empower and free the individual. Our courses encompass much more than teaching about the healing qualities of the essences – they bring about the possibility of transformation through the contact with the wisdom of the Atlantic Forest.

Anete Effting

By knowing ourselves, we are better able to confront all aspects of our beings with compassion and patience – and that is the great gift the Ararêtama essences bring about.

As a partner, Sandra manages to be vibrant and pragmatic at the same time, infusing a sense of enthusiasm and commitment to everything she does. She is a natural entrepreneur and sees possibilities where others see only obstacles. It is inspiring and exciting to collaborate with her!”

Anete Effting
Certified Flower Essence Practitioner and Educator
Certified International Translator / Interpreter

I started to use Araretama’s essences with myself, without classes or special instructions. I just plunged into it, trusting the experience I was having and trusting Sandra.

Today, I can rightfully say that my life is divided between BSA and ASA, meaning Before Sandra Araretama, and After Sandra Araretama! Sandra Epstein for me is expansion, combined with focus, tempered with speed, efficiency and love. And the Araretama Project blends it all: it is Easy, Fluent and It Works.
Easy because Sandra has brought together products, material and a well thought structure, and this makes our process so much easier to be experienced.
Fluent because it is as if through Araretama there is a current connecting us to Life and shining light over our steps, so we can navigate this flow.
It Works fantastically, because the feeling is not one of pain, it is one of light, power and love! From the essences, the composite formulas, through and through to the miracle revealed by the Aquas!

In a short time I perceived the transformation. I went back to my origins, remade my connection with my inner self, got rid of what was binding me and keeping me locked into limiting patterns, and I began breathing, living and loving myself a lot more! … I am one of these beings who, in the past, made a pact with the Absolute, and with Araretama I found I have been able to peacefully live what is possible!

As a natural unfoldment, I began using the products with my clients, and this is when the biggest feast began: Results, results, results!!! This is the keyword for the Araretama Project and Products.

I live far away from Brazil but much closer to Sandra and Araretama, as this connection is more than possible in the light and organized way that she works.

Dearest Sandra, thank you for never withholding your time, energy and love to be with and for me. I am a great admirer, not only of the person Sandra Epstein, but of her creation, that spreads benefits for humaniny with such class, wisdom, reliability, responsibility, commitment, structure, humbleness and Love!

Doris Barg
Psycotherapist, Flower Essence Practitioner, Numerologist
Tel Aviv, Israel

“My first contact with the Ararêtama System was through the book Vibrational Essences of the Atlantic Forest: The Journey of the Awakening Consciousness. By reading Sandra Epstein‘s book, on the history of the essences and the process that occurred at each discovery, a deep interest for this system awakened within me.

Luciana Chammas

The collection of stories showed me a person that is passionate about her work and performs her task with a profound respect and love for the Atlantic Rainforest.
After meeting Sandra by attending to a course, I became even more enthusiastic about her work. I was able to see her level integrity, love, generosity and knowledge, that is fully reflected in the quality of all her work.

From that moment on, it was just natural that I would take in the Ararêtama System as part of the Healing Flower Essences, my distribution company in Brazil, as besides the commercial aspect, there is an alignment of values and purpose that includes education, social responsibility and the ideal of human development for a fairer society

We are grateful for the opportunity and for the trust that was granted to us to be one of the distribuitors of Araretama in Brazil.”

Luciana Chammas
Director of Healing Essencias Florais – Education and Distribution of Flower Essences
MBA in Management of Social Entrepreneurship – Flower Essence Practitioner

“My association with Sandra Epstein‘s work is extremely pleasing and serene: Sandra gives me total freedom and this allows me to be fully authentic. At each meeting as we work together organizing workshops and extensive therapeutic groups, I am pleased at how well everything flows, always giving me this marvelous and enriching sensation.

Cassia Santos

Having also been a participant in one of the groups for more than 3 years, I know from experience how important they are in the deepening of inner work on personal issues. They strengthen changes, helping us put ancestral anthropologic knowledge into our daily practical life. The course The Goddesses of Creation brought forth a very vital closeness with my Sacred Feminine and with values that our day-to-day life had allowed little room for development.

I can say that organizing and participating in this work results in continuous and profound growth!

Cássia Santos
Flower Essence Practitioner

Sandra Epstein‘s work is exceptional, she brings a blend of amazing intuition, deep empathy, great knowledge, powered with extraordinary vision to all her sessions.

Sandra Epstein works powerfully as a guide to our clients at the arrigoprogramme with her Ararêtama essences, to help bring integrated change for these times.

I cannot recomend Sandras work more highly.

Fiona Arrigo
Founder of the Arrigo programme

Fiona arrigo founder of the arrigoprogramme, life teacher, offers exceptional one to one coaching, programmes and retreats, allowing each person to return deeply to themselves and to heal. Fionas work is internationally known and has been written up in most major magazines. Known as the ‘Soul Soother’ to ‘modern stresses’, Psychotherapist Fiona Arrigo, founder of the Arrigo Program and now the Women’s Wellness Retreat, is being hailed as the modern guru for today’s worries and stresses.
A qualified Biodynamic Psychotherapist, Life Coach and an Esoteric Psychologist with a background in numerous bodywork disciplines, Fiona has worked with many clients presenting symptoms of exhaustion, depression and addiction since 1988. With tact and discretion, she has helped inspire and rebuild lives by awakening the consciousness that fosters healing and harmony.
Known as a’Super Star’ in the therapy world, Fiona focuses on the rise of anxiety in women, something that has never been as relevant as it is today. She shares on how this has developed and how we can stop this modern day anxiety that is on the increase amongst women.