Aqua Ígnea – Life Force and Color Healing

Live Cosmetics developed by Sandra Epstein for her company Araretama

Aqua Ignea is a line of Live Cosmetics prepared by Ararêtama, combining essential oils, refreshment gel and vibrational essences from the Atlantic Rainforest.

There are eight unique combinations that bring the soul of the forest into your daily life.

Each Aqua Ignea transmits a balancing emotional sensation that enters through your skin, the largest organ of your body, enhancing the natural production of positive neural-chemicals.
While offering nutrition and rehydration, each Aqua Ignea also acts beyond that level, by bridging the connection between your physical body and the quantum mind.
The essential oils used are Orange, White Rose, Cypress, Lavender, Geranium and others.

The company Ararêtama, that produces this line of products, was created by Sandra Epstein and has 20 years of field research in the area of living and vibrational essences from the Atlantic Rainforest. Through its philosophy and products, Ararêtama offers a range of products and programs that enable you to attain balance and personal development in a gentle and playful way, with treatments that are benevolent for both body and soul.

Any person, from babies to the elderly, may use Aqua Ignea, as there is no contraindication. Each element that composes the formula was considered aiming at a perfect compatibility with the skin.

How to use: emulsify visualizing the affirmation of each Aqua Ignea, and then spread it on your body wherever you wish!

Araretama products are sold through our Representatives in different countries.

Aqua Ígnea Abundance – Yellow

Virtues – self-esteem, personal power, joy, emotional abundance

Symptoms – scarcity, insecurity, sorrow, anguish

Essential Oil: Geranium

Ararêtama  Rainforest Essences: Celebração, Renascer, Seiva.

Moisturizing Body Oil: 100% Plant based

Emulsify before using. Apply to the body and massage gently
If any irritation occurs, stop using the product immediately.
Do not ingest!

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